A little bit about Sidekick

Over the past fourteen years, The Service Guide has been a widely used and trusted resource throughout the Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN metro connecting homeowners and top-rated home service providers. Now, realtors and their clients can benefit from Sidekick, an extension of The Service Guide, created to exclusively cater to the needs of the local realtor community and their clients.

When you turn to Sidekick's Get It Done With Us Team, you are automatically tapping into a fourteen year old network (and growing!) of local businesses who meet and exceed the standards of excellence required to be a part of Sidekick's network. Our goal for you is to make getting things done a breeze! Learn more about how each business is vetted in order to be added to Sidekick's business network.

Why do we hold to such strict criteria? If we didn't, our service would be like other services! That isn't enough for us, and it isn't enough for you! Every customer should be able to hire a business with confidence and trust they will deliver the quality and competency they are paying for. Each Sidekick business understands this mindset and views themselves as a reflection of the entire Sidekick network. Each Sidekick business knows that the way they work with every customer matters to Sidekick's success, as well as to your overall experiences.

Discover how easy Sidekick is to use! Learn more about how to use this portal to request help from local, vetted, top-rated service professionals in over 300 service categories.

(If you're visiting for the first time, creating an account may be required to gain access to the rest of Sidekick's resources, but don't worry, it only takes a minute!)