Inviting other realtors to use Sidekick is easy!

Click here to send other realtors you know to a special page for them to check out Sidekick. When you get to this page, simply copy the URL and add it to a personal email you can create and send yourself to other real estate agents you know. Or, even faster, using the "share" feature on your phone, share the link in a text with our own brief message.

Sidekick will help them and their clients get things done through our network of contractors and highly rated service professionals. When you reinforce to others you now how nice it is to pass these tasks onto someone else you can trust, you are doing them a big, big favor! Tell all the realtors you now they should create an account with Sidekick!

You can also:       Connect your clients to Sidekick

                               Refer contractors or service providers to Sidekick