Who can refer businesses to Sidekick? Both Realtors and clients can refer businesses to Sidekick! (See form below) Your referrals help keep our network of service providers strong. The stronger our network, the easier we can continue to serve you better.

How do you know if a business is "refer worthy?" Think "confidence!" Think "who can you rely on?" "Trust with your own clients or your own home?" These are the businesses you should refer. By referring them to us, not only are you helping keep Sidekick's network strong, you are helping provide new project and job opportunities for those businesses, as well. The value of your referrals will continue to make positive differences for both the businesses you refer and the customers they will ultimately have the opportunities to serve.

** All businesses that Sidekick adds to our network, whether they are a referral or come to us on their own, meet a set of Sidekick criteria in order to be added to our network. This vetting process is a key quality check in ensuring the positive experiences users of Sidekick receive.